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Garage Storage

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Being messy does not mean being creative. After all, you are not Picasso. In most cases, a cluttered garage entails a chaotic life. So, to keep your life on track, the first thing you should do is have well-built storage garage systems.

Fortunately, American Built-In Closets will help you achieve a well-designed garage storage system specifically built to meet your needs. Understandably, a garage is the part of your home that is most difficult to keep clean and organized.

American Built-In Closets provide garage storage systems installed and made by professionals using top-grade materials. Beyond that, they also offer items in different designs. So, you can choose the one that matches your home aesthetic.

Did you know that you can turn your unused garage into roomy storage space? If you are not taking advantage of the available space in your garage, today might be the right time to avail yourself of a sound storage system.

Why Do You Need A Garage Storage System?

Is your garage messy or tidy? If you are reading this post, your garage is probably messy and disorganized.

A garage storage system allows you to keep your work tools and gardening essentials in your home garage. When you have one storage for all your necessities, you don’t need to waste more time searching for a specific tool you will need for a current situation. A well-designed storage system will help you take advantage of any available room in your garage.


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    American Built-In Closets offers different garage storage systems that you can choose from. For example, you may select cabinets, shelving, racking, and more to store your tools in a single place to make your garage look more appealing and decluttered.

    What Are the Available Types Of Garage Storage Systems In The Market?

    As mentioned earlier, a garage storage system is available in many choices. Some of the notable types of garage storage systems offered by American Built-In Closets include the following:

    American Built-in Closets Products

    Workbench Storage

    Workbench storage is an ideal choice to remove all the clutters in your garage. This storage system will help you keep all tools in one place. Therefore, you will not spend much time searching for the equipment for the job at hand.

    Workbench Storage

    Workbench storage is specifically designed to store your hand tools in most cases. Aside from that, they are also available in different sizes that suit your functional workspace.

    Ceiling Mounted Storage

    Ceiling-mounted storage is highly recommended for homeowners with a single garage without enough space to install a rail racking system. On the other hand, if you have a minor garage system, it is more recommended to have overhead storage. In addition, you can achieve ceiling-mounted storage with hanging baskets and shelving systems.

    If you want to keep your floor clutter-free, this ceiling-mounted storage is more ideal among other options. But, it would help if you considered the weight of tools you want to keep in this storage to prevent falling off the ceiling.

    American Built-in Closets Products

    Wall-Mounted Storage

    This wall-mounted storage is another ideal garage storage system to keep your tools and equipment off the floor. The good thing about this type of storage is that it features a floating design, which allows you to place hooks in your desired position.

    Aside from that, the wall-mounted storage system is expandable and affordable. Because of its flexibility and versatility, you can even install this in your entire garage. Doing so will give you spacious storage. If you consider this garage storage system, it would be best to opt for the one with multiple hanging attachments.

    Custom Garage Storage
    American Built-in Closets Products

    Some wall-mounted storage models come with single or double hooks you can use to hang baskets for additional storage space.

    Universal Racks

    Another ideal storage system you can add to your available garage is universal shelving. Like the garage mentioned above storage systems, this one also offers you a dedicated space to handle gardening tools and accessories. In addition, universal racks are available in multiple variations, so you can choose a model that matches your storage space.

    In some cases, you may find universal racks with hanging hooks on each side. Beyond that, other models are also available with mesh bins giving you more storage space for additional items, such as camping equipment and sports gear.

    Storage Cabinets

    One of the most known garage storage models is a storage cabinet. Among all the storage systems, this one offers you a more secure space to store your power tools since it comes with locking doors.

    Another good thing about this storage model is it is available in various styles and designs. In line with that, we highly recommend that you opt for a more compact model with multiple storage shelves. It would be best to get yourself with storage cabinets that come with adjustable shelves so you can make your storage space more personalized.

    American Built-In Closets – Your Number One Distributor Of Professionally Curated Garage Storage Systems

    Are you looking for a storage system that matches the design and style of your garage? If yes, American Built-In Closets has your back.

    The company has been producing different garage storage models for several years now. They are known for producing premium quality materials. Thus, you can rest assured that their products are highly durable and withstand typical wear and tear situations. American Built-In Closets manufactures storage systems with flexibility and versatility in mind.


    To conclude, a garage storage system is designed to let you have a single storage space to keep your tools and equipment in one place. Thus, you will not spend more time finding the tools you need for a specific job. In addition, using a storage system will make your garage more organized and clutter-free.

    So, what are you waiting for? Order your desired garage storage system from American Built-In Closets now!