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Do Built-In Closets Increase Home Value In South Florida?

Do Built-In Closets Increase Home Value In South Florida?

If you own property in South Florida, you might consider adding more sales value to your property before you sell. As a rule of marketing, you might want to focus on customer-oriented add-ons, i.e., upgrades. So when the time to sell comes, you will receive a higher price for your home.

You are quite right if you are thinking of “built-in closets.” Customers want homes with more storage options, so if you plan to add a new built-in closet to your property, you will be making the right choice.

Do Custom Closets Increase Home Value?

Renovating or remodeling your home can prove to be incredibly useful; it makes your property shine, but it also offers convenience. For example, you may consider adding custom built-in closets, renovating your kitchen or bathroom, or adding a wooden deck. These home upgrades increase your home value and, ultimately, your selling price.

Getting a new custom built-in closet installed into your home can be costly but well worth the investment. A custom built-in closet will increase your home value in the real estate market as storage is one of the buyers’ most significant concerns. Built-in closet systems add to your house’s market value, but they are also a convenient way to improve the look of your property, making it more visually pleasing to the buyer. Let’s find out how:

Staging Your Home

When you put your home up for sale, you will want to make your home look presentable for the buyer. You will showcase the best sides of your home, so your buyer is compelled to sign the deal. But to make your home presentable, you need to make a few changes to your home.

For starters, you need to declutter the space and clean it out. Put away your belongings and personal items that take up extra space to give a more minimalist sleek look. Depersonalize your home by removing any photographs of you and your family. You might also want to remove any bulky furniture that may distract the buyer.

Now, why should you take these steps?

You want the buyers to walk in and visualize their belongings, pictures, and furniture taking up the space in the home. This way, they have a clearer idea of what they are buying.

But where are you going to store all of these belongings? Renting out storage space is one option, but why waste your hard-earned money? You can use the custom built-in closet you installed instead!

Moreover, when buyers look at your closet, they will be pleased to know your closet has enough space to store belongings when they need to do so. It will be like showcasing how much these custom built-in closets can store.

Buyers Want That Extra Storage Space

Your potential buyers may instantly reject the property if your home is untidy and cluttered due to a lack of storage space. Storage space is vital for homeowners; some may even be willing to pay higher for houses with suitable storage space that meets their needs. Adding custom built-in closets can significantly increase your home’s value.

Some homeowners tend to buy homes when they are ready to settle down. However, since they intend to live in their new home for more extended periods and maybe even start a family, they will need space.
But it’s not just space that these homeowners are looking for. Instead, they seek functional spaces that can be put to good use. Custom design built-in closet systems are incredibly functional and a great way to provide extra storage space.

However, that is not the only reason why built-in closets are highly sought after. Thoughtfully designed closets will help alleviate the stress of your everyday life. You no longer have to spend an eternity looking for the right pair of socks or your office wear. Instead, you will find them neatly organized and stored in their designated closet section, ready to wear. This is one of the biggest reasons people want extra storage space; it improves your quality of life.

Optional Upgrades Usually Indicate Good Maintenance

Adding custom built-in closets to your home means adding a custom measured, designed, cut, and built-in closet according to your storage space. Whenever buyers first come to see a home, they want to look for signs of neglect or any red flags, and they will make up their minds then and there about your property. While a home inspection will ultimately reveal any negligence you made in your home property’s maintenance, most buyers look for signs independently.

This is where it may help to have a custom built-in closet installed. By adding home upgrades to your property, you give your potential buyer the affirmation they need that you keep your property well maintained. For example, no homeowner would want to put money into a home upgrade without taking care of routine maintenance beforehand. This is why a sign of home upgrades will act as a plus point in your favor.

Custom Built In Closets Are Beautiful

What kind of home would you be more interested in buying? A worn-out, cluttered, and disorganized home or a clean and organized living space? We are guessing the latter.

The same applies to your potential buyers. When you have new and neatly organized spacious closets ready for display in your home, your homeowners will instantly be inclined to buy your property. That’s the best part of custom built-in closets; they are highly visually pleasing. They give your home a sense of added space, making any room feel bigger. Even if your custom built-in closet doesn’t add any square footage to your home, it may seemto add more space to the viewer. While this is a visual illusion, it is a bonus.

That’s not all; a custom built-in closet will add a look of luxury to your home. Add some overhead lighting, and you will be sure to wow your potential buyers. This will work exceptionally well if you have added a walk-in closet instead.

Moreover, such buyers will see how much work you put into taking care of your home and maintaining your belongings. A well-maintained home will instantly rise in value compared to a house in poor condition and requiring maintenance.

Built-In Closets Offer Versatility

Built-In Closets Offer Versatility

Built-in closet systems offer incredibly versatile storage space; they can be used to store so many different things in various ways. For example, you can even use them to store your blanket or bed sheets when you don’t have them in use. In simple words, you can keep your stuff neatly organized and packed until they are ready for use again.

This versatile built-in closet’s offer is simply unmatched. This versatility is beautiful for homebuyers looking to make a purchase. For example, if your home has a built-in closet, you will automatically find more buyers willing to purchase from you instead of a similar house with no extra storage space.

When adding a built-in closet to your home, think of this versatility; so you can build a closet that better accommodate the users.

Custom Closets Will Make Your Home Stand Out In The Market

Custom Closets Will Make Your Home Stand Out In The Market

Finally, custom built-in closet systems will make your home stand out in the market. The housing market in Florida is saturated with homes having the same basic features, i.e., three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a garage. However, the only houses that truly take the lead are those that are upgraded with extra amenities.

Some of the most sought-after upgrades revolve around storage spaces. For example, this extra storage space could be a built-in closet or a garage, but the main focus here is extra space for storage that can be put to use. This is what homeowners are after.

If your house has a built-in closet, you will be one of those lucky homeowners whose property will shine on the market, and you will have plenty of buyers.

Think of it this way; it is likely to sell if you keep your house clean and well maintained. But with a built-in closet that offers designated space for all types of stuff, you will find yourself selling at a much higher price than expected. This is why it is recommended that you add a built-in closet to your home!

So, Do Custom Closets Increase Home Value? Should You Invest in a Built-In Closet in Your House in South Florida?

The answer is YES!