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Custom Closet Design: How to Plan And Create Your Dream Closet

Custom Closet Design: How to Plan And Create Your Dream Closet

Custom Closet Design: How to Plan And Create Your Dream Closet

Custom Closet Design: How to Plan And Create Your Dream Closet

Have you tired of shoving your clothes into a cramped and cluttered closet, only to stand in front of it each morning feeling overwhelmed? Say goodbye to morning stress, and hello to your dream closet! With a custom closet design, you’ll be able to transform your wardrobe storage from a source of frustration to a space of organization and inspiration.

Let’s dive into closet planning and creation and discover how to make your dream closet a reality.

Transform Your Closet, Transform Your Life – Custom Design, Endless Possibilities

A custom closet design is not just a luxury reserved for the rich and famous; it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their everyday life. No more rummaging through a messy pile of clothes, no more frustration trying to find what you need in a cramped space.

Psychologists link stress and anxiety levels to the physical organization. Studies showed that having a neat space, free from clutter, helps to reduce stress and anxiety. A custom closet design can provide this sense of order, making you feel calm, organized, and ready for daily challenges.

Investing in custom closet design offers numerous, both psychological and practical benefits:

  • Increased storage capacity, allowing you to store more items in an organized manner
  • Improved accessibility of your wardrobe, meaning you can find what you need with ease
  • Easier decision-making, as everything is visible and organized for you
  • Aesthetic appeal that mirrors your unique style & tastes
  • Enhanced convenience, with easy-to-reach storage and more floor space for additional activities

Steps For Measuring Your Closet Space

Ready to take the first step toward a perfectly organized closet? It is time to get measured! No need to break out the complicated geometry formulas; we’re talking basic maths skills here. By taking a few simple measurements, you’ll get a better idea of the size and layout of your closet.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Measure the width and height of the wall space where you want to install your closet. It will give you a basic idea of how much space you have.
  • Measure the depth of your closet space. It will help you determine how much storage you can fit into your closet and what type of shelving or cabinets are best suited for the job.
  • Measure any protruding walls, such as alcoves or columns. These may affect the design of your closet system, so it’s essential to consider them in your measurements.
  • Measure any existing doors or windows that may interfere with the closet system design. It will help you plan your space accordingly to avoid any potential issues.
  • Take a careful look around and take notes of any other physical features in the area that could influence the design, such as light fixtures, heating vents, or electrical outlets.

If you are like many others, you must also find measuring your closet space intimidating and time-consuming. If this is the case, consider hiring a professional to take the measurements and make it easy. It will help ensure that your closet design is perfect and appropriately installed. You can find more information about this service here.

Choosing Materials and Finishes

Choosing Materials and Finishes

Ahh, the fun part! It’s time to turn your closet from a functional space into a work of art with a carefully selected combination of materials and finishes. No more boring white wire shelving; it’s time to add some personality to your closet with various materials and finishes from which you can choose your favorite.

Think of your closet as a blank canvas waiting for you to transform it. Choose materials that reflect your style, whether a chic combination of glass and metal or a warm and inviting blend of wood and stone.

Here are some of the top materials and finishes to consider when designing your closet:

Hardwood: Rich and warm, hardwood adds a classic touch to any wardrobe.

Melamine: Durable and easy to clean, melamine is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Laminate: Versatile and affordable, laminate comes in various finishes to match any decor.

Glass: Sleek and modern, glass adds an open and airy feel to any closet.

Metal: Durable and stylish, metal is an excellent choice for adding a touch of industrial chic to your wardrobe.

Upgrade Your Closet Game With A Pro – Hire A Custom Closet Designer Today!

The pros are the masters of custom closet design. A great custom closet designer can help you choose the best materials, finishes, and organizational systems for your space. They’ll also be able to provide you with professional advice on how to maximize storage capacity and make sure everything is in perfect order.

Think about this: your closet is an investment in yourself and your future. So why not make it as perfect and organized as possible? Let a custom closet designer take the hassle out of designing, so you can enjoy your new, perfectly organized wardrobe.

Here are some of the compelling reasons to hire a custom closet designer:

A designer’s touch: Let a professional bring your vision to life with creativity and expertise.

Stress-free success: Say goodbye to DIY disasters and hello to a seamless and stress-free process.

Maximize space: Get the most out of your closet space with a designer’s expertise in organization and storage solutions.

Personalized perfection: No more settling for cookie-cutter solutions; a custom design will create a space tailored to your specific needs and style.

Investment in the future: A well-designed closet improves your daily life and increases your home’s value.

Time-saving convenience: Hire a professional, and you will not have to spend countless hours researching, shopping, and installing closet components.

Expert Advice: A designer brings knowledge and experience to the table. He will guide you in everything from materials and hardware to lighting and accessories.

Turn-key solution: A professional designer will handle everything from start to finish, delivering a fully installed, turn-key solution ready to use from day one.

Small Closets

Revamp Your Closet Space with AB Closets.

The professionals at American Built-In Closets leverage their technical skills with industry experience to provide you with innovative craftsmanship, good manufacturing, and excellent customer support.

They will not only double your space but customize a closet that is specific to your individual needs. Hence, you can use all the available space and have a pretty wardrobe. American Built-In Closets use superior products with the finest quality. All their products promise a hundred percent customer satisfaction with the best value in the industry.

Get an expert consultation before you start the project to know what you can expect from the service. Tell our people about your requirements, and they will tailor a closet that will accommodate all your needs.


Custom closets are the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe, maximize storage space, and keep everything neat and orderly. With the right combination of materials and finishes, a custom closet designer can turn any ordinary closet into an extraordinary work of art.

American Built-in Closets provide excellent service and innovative craftsmanship to make your closets functional and exquisite. So don’t settle for anything less than perfect—invest in yourself and hire a professional today!